Receive Money at a Location

Step 1: Money Transfer Control Number and your personal identification documents
To receive a money transfer, you need to make sure you have a currently valid government-issued ID documents with photo and know where to find a UFC location. The sender must give you the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

Step 2: Visit a UFC location
Find out a nearby UFC point of sale at our locator or by calling us and proceed to the location to pick up your money. 

Step 3: Identify yourself and provide your MTCN
At the UFC location, you will be asked to present a valid government-issued ID document with a photo and to complete a form. You will provide the clerk with the MTCN number your have already received from the sender.

Step 4: Receive the Money and Receipt
Once your identification has been checked, the money is yours. It's that easy.

Restrictions and Special Notes:

  • Maximum Payout Amount:$7,500 USD or local equivalent per person, per transaction, per day.
  • For money transfers over CHF 5.000 receivers must provide a reason for the transaction.
  • In certain cases, and regardless of the amount of the transaction, the clerk at the Agent location may need additional information and documents concerning occupation, origin of the funds and purpose of the transfer.
  • Receivers must provide a valid identification.

Note: Additional restrictions may apply on a case by case basis.