Western Union® Quick Cash®

If your business needs to move money fast, use the Western Union® Quick Cash® service. This money transfer service lets you send single or multiple money transfers worldwide right from your office PC. Funds can be sent virtually anywhere through our more than 305,000 Western Union agent locations globally. Within minutes of a transaction, the recipient can pick up the cash payment in their local currency at the desired Agent location.

The Western Union Quick Cash service offers many powerful benefits that can enhance your business process while strengthening client relationships. For example, it may be faster than bank wires and eliminates the time delays and hassles of cashing foreign checks. The low, fixed per-transaction fee is typically less than the cost of cutting a check and sending it via express courier. And as the world's largest money transfer network, the Western Union Quick Cash service provides a reliable way of transferring money every time.

How It Works:

  • We supply Western Union Quick Cash software for easy installation on a PC right in your office.
  • Using simple procedures, authorized personnel in your company send funds within minutes to any Western Union Agent location in the world.
  • Funds can be picked up in cash by your designated payee. Each transaction carries a unique tracking number and your company will receive transaction activity reports on a regular basis.

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Important notice: 
This service is only reserved for companies and is provided after a mutual agrrement is put in place.