Western Union® Quick Pay - Worldwide Payment Receiving

Western Union® Quick PaySM service allows you to send payments internationally to pay your bills. The company you intend to paying to must have a commercial contractual agreements with Western Union®. 

Check at any UFC location if this is the case and your payment will be received in minutes. From a UFC location you can electronically make the bellow payments to your company:

  • To pay your bills
  • To liquidate fast your commitments
  • To pay fast the loan
  • To pay subscriptions

How It Works:  Bring the cash payment in local currency to your nearest UFC location and provide the bank account of the company, pay a fixed fee and obtain a receipt.  Minutes later, your billing company receives confirmation of your payment. Western Union® deposits funds directly to the company’s bank account or the company receives payment via a check printed at its own location.

Why using Western Union® Quick PaySM service.

  • This service eliminates the time delays and fees associated with other payment methods.
  • Your company should have your payment electronically in minutes after you send from a UFC location 
  • Funds are automatically converted (where applicable) into local currency; so at the time you initiate the transaction, you know the payout amount in foreign currency.

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