Send Cash to a Mobile Phone

What is a mobile wallet?
A mobile wallet is an account that is linked to a mobile phone into which money can be deposited or withdrawn.

How To Send a Mobile Money Transfer
Recipients must have mobile wallet (m-Wallet) accounts with their mobile service provider to receive money on their mobile phones. We currently offer this "web to mobile" service only from Switzerland to:

  • SMART Money and Globe GCASH subscribers in the Philippines.
  • Safaricom M-PESA Kenya

How to make a Mobile Money Transfer

Visit a UFC location and provide your receiver's mobile number. Funds are credited based on the mobile number provided so BE CERTAIN that you provide the correct mobile phone number of your receiver.

Get your receipt from the clerk.

Your receiver will confirm receipt of the transfer by getting an instantently SMS message* from its mobile service provider alerting him on the received funds into his m-Wallet. The funds will generally arrive in the receiver’s m-Wallet within minutes. If there is an issue call us for assistance.

To track the status of your money transfer select Tracking.

* Standard texting fees from mobile operator may apply