1. Who uses the Western Union Money Transfer® service?
Anyone who needs to send or receive money quickly from people who are supporting friends or relatives living in a foreign country, travellers, or business people who need to make fast international remittances.

2. Are there any restrictions for the use of the Western Union Money Transfer service?
You cannot use the Western Union Money Transfer service to directly or indirectly fund illegal Internet gambling or for any other illegal activity, including, but not limited to, money laundering, support for terrorist activities, fraudulent sales, solicitations or theft.

3. Does Western Union offer an escrow services or kind of buyer protection?
Western Union does not offer an escrow service nor any type of "purchase protection" policy. Western Union's business is to transfer funds from a sender to a receiver. We caution our customers against sending money to people they don't know. It is the sender's responsibility to know the party to which the funds are being sent. If a receiver presents proper identification, payment will be made.

4. What are UFC locations?
UFC represents Western Union in Switzerland. It has set up a network all over Switzerland of independent businesses (well-known financial institutions, currency exchange offices, train & bus stations, travel agencies and other locations) that provide money transfer service to their customers on behalf of Western Union.

5. How do I find a UFC location?
You can use the locator our site to find a UFC location near you or you can call us 022 716 32 80

6. How does the Western Union Money Transfer service work from an UFC location?
The sender initiates the transaction by presenting its WU GoldCard or by providing the information upon the destination and the amount to be sent out. After paying cash to cover the transfer amount plus applicable fees, the sales manager immediately processes the transaction. 

To pick up the money, the receiver provides at any UFC location the MTCN and its proper identification document and/or answers a test question. The sales manager then pays the transfer amount to the receiver.

7. What do I need to send and receive money from a UFC location?
Customers receiving money only need a valid form of identification.
In some cases, depending on the amount of the transfer senders may need to furnish documents aiming at clarifying the origin of the funds to be transferred. Sending money with the Western Union Money Transfer service from a UFC location  does not require credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, memberships or citizenship papers.

8. During what hours is the service available?
Each UFC location determines its own hours of operation, and most maintain extended hours.

9. How are Money Transferts paid out to invidual receivers?
In most cases, money transfers are paid out in cash. International transactions are usually paid in local currency.

10. What amount will be paid to receiver?
When you send a Western Union money transfer out of Switzerland, your receiver generally receives this money in the currency of the destination country. The exact amount which will be paid to the receiver in local currency will be calculated based on the exchange rate effective at the time you send the transfer. Western Union will convert the currencies at the exchange rate in effect at the time the sender transfers the funds. However, for certain countries, Western Union will convert the currency at the exchange rate available at the time the receiver picks up the funds.

11. How do I pick up a money transfer?
You may pick up your money transfer at any UFC location. Valid identification and the MTCN are also required.

12. What is considered valid identification to send or pick up a money transfer?
Valid ID’s in Swiss: Generally, identity papers must be issued by an official authority, be currently valid and include a photograph, first name, last name, signature, birth date and place of. Ideally, the sender must present himself with a Swiss passport or national identity card, a foreign passport, a residence permit or a Swiss driving licence. However, other documents are accepted. For a list of acceptable forms of identification, visit a UFC location or contact our customer service.

13. How can I find out if a money transfer is available for me to pick up?
Select Tracking in the top menu bar to obtain the status of your money transfer. All you need is the sender's name and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to determine if the money is available for pick up.

14. How can I find out if my money transfer has been paid?
Any time after the money transfer has been sent, you can visit our website and select tracking to obtain the status of your money transfer. All you need is your name and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to verify if the money transfer has been paid.